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Where to begin

Working Together


Getting married is a monumental moment in your life and getting to work together is both a privilege and a blessing.


Where to begin


It all starts with a free telephone consultation to get to know one another and confirm availability, location and time. This also gives you a chance to ask some questions and gives me an opportunity to help you get started with booking an officiant.


What happens next


At this point I will pencil in your ceremony date and time until I receive a confirmation from you that you would like to proceed. Hopefully this can be done within a few days as wedding inquiries appear daily. Upon confirmation I will forward an invoice and application to secure your date. Then I will book a meeting to get to hear about your love story so I can capture words that speak to both your hearts. With the present pandemic situation this meeting is done through a video chat.


Going forward   


The creating begins! I start preparing your ceremony usually quite a few weeks in advance, if possible, so I can provide options to vows and ring ceremonies. A ceremony draft will be forward to you, pending the package you choose, for edits and any special requirements you may want to add such as handfasting, sand ceremony, special readings or any ideas you may have that you would like to incorporate. I make myself available throughout by email or text for any concerns or questions.


Walk through


I like to get together with couples at my location for a walk through a few days prior to the wedding. This way we can confirm the flow of the ceremony and to make sure you have all the necessary legal paperwork required. This also helps calm some nerves. Please note this is not a dress rehearsal with the wedding party this is just for the 3 of us. A full dress rehearsal can be booked separately.


The big day


I arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to meet and check in with the photographer, DJ, wedding planner and the special couple to make sure everything is in order. A quick sound check and we begin. I allow a 3 hour time period of my time including travel time in case of a small delays.




I follow up with instructions and the link to apply for your wedding certificate and any documentation that is required for expedited processing.


Finally, I like to stay in touch as it is always lovely to hear how you are enjoying married life! Many times I am blessed to see you again at another wedding. And I am always here if you need help along your way.

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